Understand and Improve your Services

With Cortex on board, it’s easy for your organization to track, follow, and make meaningful improvements to microservices.

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Simplify services across
your whole team

Scorecards help
keep your teams on track

Be a force for
cultural change

Everything in the
right place

Make knowledge
less tribal


Scorecards help keep your team on track

With Scorecards, your team can audit and improve services seamlessly, by tracking them against meaningful metrics.

Tracking migrations, security audits, or SLO's on spreadsheets?
 It’s a thing of the past.


Be a force for 
cultural change

Leaving task management to Cortex leaves you more room to lead.

Grow your influence as a leader, with processes that cultivate positive behaviors in your team. It’s simple. We manage services for you, communicate with your engineers and feedback the glowing results through direct notifications.


Everything in the right place

The dashboard centralizes your toolset and provides clarity of vision across all your services.

With everything you need brought together in a single, intuitive hub you can:

Simply search and find docs, runbooks and links

Easily integrate your favorite tools like Sentry, Jira & Github

Seamlessly add graphs and validate SLO's from Datadog

View on-call rotations from PagerDuty, Opsgenie, or VictorOps


Make knowledge 
less tribal

Cortex makes ownership of services transparent and reduces your need for tribal knowledge.

By integrating with identity providers, we fluidly connect teams to the services they own. The service owner has changed? The service has no owner? We let you know right away, via a simple notification.